Statistics Canada IT Staff Lunch

Current and former IT staff of Statistics Canada meet for lunch every six months. Before May 2019, the lunches were held at the Carlingwood Restaurant. The lunch was held at Kristy's in May 2019, and at KS on the Keys in November 2019. In October 2021, we were able to restart the series, moving to Cobrie's restaurant in the Carlingwood Mall. This is at the same location as the previous restaurant.

Update 2022-10-14: The Cobrie restaurant is closed. The most recent lunch was held at the Mill Street Brew Pub at 555 Wellington Street (near the War Museum) on Thursday May 18th, at 11:00 am.

This is a collection of photographs taken at the lunches.

You can click on any photo to see a larger image.

Picture titles contain names of two or three people who appear prominently. If you would like to have your name added to a picture, please email me at

Please send any other pictures that you would like to have included. I will post them within a few days, subject to reasonable numbers and good taste.

Group Pictures from each lunch

Individual Photos

Portrait-style pictures of each person on the list who has attended since 2007. Email if you would like to provide a better picture, or to have one removed, or to suggest any other changes.

Click here to see them.

Honorary Members

Edvard and Jana Outrata August 8th 2007

Former members who are deceased (no photo available)

Janus Anderson March 7th 2010
Pearl Beaudoin May 14th 2007
Dina Butschler May 6th 2016
Hattie Carriere
Myrtle Deavy April 5th, 2017
John Derkach March 29th 2008
Gabby Desjardins
Peter Duncan December 31st 2010
Flip Fix January 27th, 2007
Ron Gaffney November 7th 2011
Al Larocque March 6th, 2021
Germaine Major
Freddie Pouliotte January 2015
Art Rogers April 8th 2008
Bill Russell April 27th 2015
Deltry Zollmann October 18th 2013

Pictures from the 1960s

Fred Odoysk provided these pictures, dating back to the 1960es.
Bess Baker, Deltry Zollman, Russ Baird
Brian Houlahan, Vivien McCabe, Eileen Routliffe
Muriel Knight, Joan Champion, Fred Odoysk
Bert Koch, Owen Callahan, Cliff Robillard and Bill Hamm
DBS Beards 1967-01-13
DBS Beards 1967-02-13

The building of Holland Cross

Mike Jeays took these pictures - at lunch time of course. They were taken some time in the eighties, every two weeks or thereabouts. Click here