Pictures for Carlingwood-Lunch 2018-05-10

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Nyman Odoysk Hennessey Cross Dupont

Hill Hammond Jeays Thomas Treffers

Charlebois Charlebois Lebeau OConnor

Holmes Lebeau OConnor

Sanderson Hansma Bowman

Jeays Thomas

Odoysk Hansma Bowman

Collard Harris Burrows

Bonnie Rideout

Collard Venables Schuiteboer Fox

Bob Thomas

Joe Treffers

Peter Zachar

Ted Hill

Roy Hammond

Zachar Hill Hammond Jeays Thomas

Rideout Zachar Treffers Graves

Hill Hammond Thomas

Charlebois Charlebois Phillips Phillips

Nyman Sanderson Hansma Bowman

Holmes Crabtree Lebeau OConnor

Routliffe Baker Harris Burrows

Collard Venables Schuiteboer Fox

Odoysk Hennessey Cross Dupont

Rideout Zachar Treffers Graves

Roy Hammond

Dwight Cross

Heidi Phillips

Sharon OConnor

Gord Phillips

Al Lebeau

Dave Venables

Albert Schuiteboer

Steve Crabtree

Denny Charlebois

Joe Holmes

Audrey Charlebois

Dave Collard

Lynn Routliffe

Bess Baker

Gary Fox

Rosemary Harris

Garth Hansma

Fred Odoysk

Heather Sanderson

Dave Bowman

Pat Hennessey

Mike Jeays

Carl Dupont

Joe Treffers

Ron Graves

Bonnie Rideout