Michael Jeays

Assistant Director, Informatics Services Technology Division, Statistics Canada

3200 Main Building, Holland Avenue, OTTAWA ON K1A 0T6

Phone 951-9929, Fax 951-0395, Internet Email : Mike.Jeays-at-statcan.ca


Mr Jeays has 39 years experience in the development of information systems, and 30 years experience of management of system development staff. His professional abilities include the development of software systems within team environments, architectural studies, high level design methodologies and development of mathematically oriented software. He has special experience in the design and development of large database systems, and was responsible for the first implementation of a database of all businesses in Canada, for use by business surveys conducted by Statistics Canada. In recent years he has concentrated on the management of teams of application software developers, and has been responsible for up to six sections, each headed by a CS4, with a total staff of up to ninety information professionals.



Representative Activities

From August 2001 to the present, he has been responsible for managing the operational and infrastructure aspects of Statistcs Canada's informatics services.

From April 1996 to July 2001, he has been responsible for the Research and General Systems subdivision, which designs, builds and maintains software for use in all surveys across Statistics Canada. He is chairman of the Informatics Research and Development Committee. He was responsible for the initial stages of the Year 2000 conversion that will ensure that software operates correctly through the turn of the century.

From 1985 to 1996, he was responsible for the management of up to six application development sections, with a total staff of up to ninety people. These staff have designed, built and maintained applications to support a wide variety of Statistics Canada's operations and surveys, such as the Business Register and the Census of Population. These have been implemented on many different types of equipment and within several software and operating systems environments. These include large IBM mainframe systems, using the MVS operating system, UNIX systems, and PC-DOS/Windows systems.

He is a member of the Methods and Standards Committee and of the Communications Committee at Statistics Canada. He was responsible for the first local area network installation in the division, using the 3+Share network operating system. He been responsible for the management of the division's mainframe computing budget, valued at over $1 million in the early years of this assignment, and of the FTE budgets for projects serviced by the division.

He has represented Statistics Canada at a number of international conferences, including the ISIS seminar held in Bratislava, the EDP Working Party held by the United Nations in Geneva, and a seminar on statistical computing in Rio de Janiero. As Assistant Director of the Special Resources Subdivision, he was responsible for the development and support of general-purpose software for use throughout the bureau. As Assistant Director in the Business Survey Methods Division, he was responsible for early development of the Business Register. He was also the principal designer of the software to produce the first automated version of the publication "Inter-corporate Ownership in Canada", which required relatively new mathematical techniques for the determination of ownership in large groups of corporations which own one another's shares.

As a Systems programmer at Computing Devices of Canada, he developed a minimum-size special-purpose operating system for a Xerox Sigma 7 machine, and was responsible for designing and writing signal detection algorithms.

While employed as a mathematician at Nuclear Design and Construction, he designed and implemented one of the first digital programs for studying the nuclear and thermal behaviour of large nuclear power reactors in fault conditions.


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