Personal Information

I am now retired. Up to 2007 I was employed by Statistics Canada, as an Assistant Director in the Informatics Technology Services Division, and for many years before that in the System Development Division.

I can be reached by email at or at


Click here for my (rather pretentious) résumé. I am not looking for a job, as at present I am enjoying retirement far too much. But I will keep my interest and activity in the computing field as long as my wits stay about me.

Lighter moments

My wife and I used to have a small dog; thought to be mainly Shi-Tzu, but no doubt with some terrier in her to account for her love of digging up bits of the garden. (I wanted to call her "Tzuzie", but common sense prevailed.) One of my sisters said "Trust you to get a breed where you have to be very careful how to pronounce it".

I am sad to say that Susie is no longer with us. She became quite ill and seemed not to know who we were, and when she became aggressive we knew that her time was up. I still have a small scar on my left hand. A very emotional day for both of us. Click here to see what Susie looked like.

Last updated : 2020-03-13