Sun rise and set times in Carleton Place

Equatorial and horizon charts

The first plot shows the postions of the planets and some of the brightest stars as visible from the Ottawa area at the current time. The blue line is the ecliptic (the plane of the solar system), and the orange line is the equator.

The second chart shows their current positions in right ascension and declination. The blue line is the ecliptic, and the orange line is the current horizon.

Positions of the planets

This plot shows the current positions of the planets as viewed from a distant point 'above' the north side of the plane of the solar system. The left plot shows the inner planets and the moon, and the right plot shows the outer planets.

Note that the discontinuity in the orbit of Pluto is a bug in the recent version of python's 'ephem' module, which was not present in earlier versions. I reported this, but no one seems very interested in fixing it.

Table of current positions

This is a table of the data used for the plots, showing azimuth, altitude, right ascension and declination.
Last updated : 2020-03-16