Pictures for Carlingwood-Lunch 2013-11-07

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Phillips Phillips Marcil

Hammond Treffers Bourbonnais Holmes Cuthill Turner

Jeays Cuthill Turner

Burelle Lebeau

Routliffe Baker Charlebois

Dunn Odoysk Warren Warren

Jeays Cuthill Hammond Treffers Bourbonnais Holmes

Macpherson Corbeil Keech

Baker Charlebois

Routliffe Baker

Powell McDonald Harris


Scott Powell

Brockway Sanderson

Routliffe Baker

Miller Jones Gara

Burelle Lebeau McOrmond

Hansma Miller

Kroll Macpherson

Keech Corbeil Odoysk Dunn

Cuthill Turner Burrows

OConnor Hennessey

Graves Hammond Treffers

Bourbonnais Holmes